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Venus -vers- Mars Saga Continues

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Venus -vs- Mars,

The Quick Facts.


Women: To define what a women has a need for.

*Women are inherently innocent loving and a nurturing mother in love relationships and often the healers in relationships.

*Women are far more complex then men. Their needs and desires are numerous, but fluctuate more as well.

*Better listening skills is always needed: Men need to be more interactive, to be more empathetic and more connective with their communication skill -i.e. Much More Sensitivity.

*Women having their "purposed petty" problems taken seriously, "regardless", by men is needed: Men must exercise higher social skills during discussions with their mate of (and rarely help in solving, nor to speak, and to mostly listen, holding and or cuddling, tender touching -brushing the hair with the fingers, but not sex motivated) difficulties.
*More regular discussion intervals and more open communications needed: Men obviously need to have more attentiveness and interest in their mate's issues, both on facts presented, her feeling levels being expressed, and to remember these things and when they happen.
*Women have a need for attention -vers- having sex: Women need to feel nourish of their relationship, the feeling that she's a love partner, and not just a love object or boy sex tool.
*Women need appreciation: Men need to give thanks and gratitude for all she does go a long way in relationships, so Men must focus on this too.

*Women have need for the real (or apparent real) interest in her life: Men should have a curiosity about her day, her beliefs, and her dreams.

*Women enjoy the demonstrated of affection and courtesy in front of others focused on her: Men need to show the enjoyment of and pride in being seen with her and that their man feels good and confident about this.

*Women enjoy the feeling of being a part of her man's life: Men should be sharing goals and values with her, talking over family economics, business ventures, and planning family gathers throughout the year, and recreation activities, etc.

*Women love to have little experiences of social and emotional remembrance shared in private and in public: Men need to learn writing little notes, giving little gifts, and making special plans that say, "I love you."

*Quality time away from the kids: whether a weekend away, a drive around the block, a walk in the park in a special way.

*Inclusion in things he does: companionship in events and wanting her involvement when they are away from each other, to be that very special caring friend.
*Her husband's involvement in things she enjoys: willingness to indulge, to share ideas, to learn with, to participate in her favorite pleasures.
*Understanding: trying to comprehend using intuition and logic, to listen.
*Closeness: holding her in his arms, touching her gently when spoken to, or being spoken to, giving her the presence of protecting her.
*Tenderness: Verbalize the use of kind words, expressions, sensitive tones, and to listen.
*Help with the children: Father the children in discipline, in training, both wife and husband have a single idea of direction for the children in presenting a united front of unconditional love and guidance.
*Verbal expressions of caring: compliments, praise, and affirmations.
*Acceptance of who she is as she is: permission to be imperfect, affirmation of her appearance, go shopping with her, to learn and appreciate her fashion tastes, her character, and achievements.
*More family time: everyday attention to the children, the wife, an interest in the family, regular outings, and vacations.
*Desirability: Express yourself to your women showing feelings that your women is special and a feminine woman that you love her in so many ways.

-We want Mr. Right to accept us and love us for who we really are and to treat us with respect and honor.

Men: To define what a man has a need for.

-Men are not all that complex in their needs, but those needs are very intense.

*Almost all male needs are egocentric: meaning he is the center of his universe and the relationship.
*Males need a constant validation and support of his power.
*He communicates physically, through deeds, accomplishments, and declarations.
*He wants help primarily only when he asks for it, less he be thought unworthy, and or weak.
*Children and his mate/wife are on the periphery to support his success.
*His partner is his support, not his equal.
*His image is most important.

*Men feel their stature and power being whittled away by social change.
*This goes way back biologically on the evolutionary track, with the strongest male animals becoming king of the mountain or pack--tending to procreation and the regeneration of him through his progeny.
*His strength/status and his image are of utmost importance if he is to have any change at all of obtaining and keeping a mate and propagating his species.
*Many men have evolved socially, expanding their needs to include allowing a spouse/partner to relieve some of his burden.
*He may even participate in relieving some of hers.

*Faithfulness: knowledge that the woman he loves will never sell him out.
*Support and submission: assurance that his wife will follow his lead without questioning every decision he makes, especially in crises.
*Encouragement: sympathy, faith support, and understanding - in good times, but even more in bad times.
*Importance: status and value in giving advice in making plans.
*Respect: feeling that he is held in high esteem, privately and publicly.
*A completer: someone to give him input for his decisions, quiet admonishment about his flesh patterns, and spiritual and moral support.
*A partner: someone with whom to share all his life, for life.
*Manly time: time to be alone and do what he wants, time to do some male bonding in sporting or social endeavors with men without his wife's presence, time to be free of responsibilities...some time to escape.
*Sex: a man needs a partner who realizes that men and women usually have different sexual desires and needs, is willing to attend to his sexual needs, not just hers, lets him fantasize and not be jealous about his fantasies or self-explorations, and does not use the denial of sex as retaliation for some misdeed.

By: St. Earnest