Our Love of War and Embrace.

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A man’s sense of self through the personal and or group team-work ability to resolve problem and or accomplished tasks translated as through success and accomplishment. To achieve goals, to prove his competence as provider to many others needs from family nucleus, to the world and believe it or not to the universe, get it? Men want the feel good sense of being himself which is belonging to is alpha group(s). The individual-man within (a) group(s) when a completed achievement of a goal, a mission, a project and or opposing group challenges taken victory in which the individual-man takes personal achievement in as prime alpha, as the center stage, as the one responsible for this achievement and or the group successful completion as a win. Men need to feel good about themselves, men must make goals either by themselves or in a group, but as result they image themselves primary needed player and or alpha goal winner.

For men, doing things by themselves is a symbol of efficiency, an alpha empowerment over others as predator successfully hunts and catches food for gathering  and this give the man a feeling of  belonging as competent and drives forward to other men and or other men in the group he was the primary alpha and the men will make jokes that each one of them are alpha prime hunter, regardless. The temperamental male hunters who get often beaten down by the others either physically and or mental-emotionally man-forced to leave the group or leave upon their own volition who are dysfunctional alpha males; explained here: [http://xorderofthewolfx.proboards.com/thread/22/pack-rank-meanings]. Also, any male expressing physically or otherwise a high social animal functionality as females if often reason why, but rarely translated as such.

In general, men are more interested in accomplishing goals and providing alpha to the nucleus family and or group gathers be`it every where-as from sporting events to hunter gathers to give food which are all things and are less the standing social intellectual interactions with people and feelings which women excel at and thus primary intellectual umbrella’s to raising children to serve themselves, the group and a great circle in humanity as a tribe member.

Men rarely talk about their problems, because men feel the have only resolving answers not problem in ponder unless they are seeking “expert” advice to the nucleus of family and or immediate social tribal circle of ancient and as of current known as hunting gathering of ideas, events, and or hunting. A man asking for help when he has not resolved all levels within his grasp, from within his center is a sign of weakness that equates not being a real true team leader and or player.

Men are more aggressive, more predatory than women; more combative and territorial.

Men’s self-esteem is more career-related translated a hunter gatherer, provider and the lion protector of family(s).

Men feel devastated by failure making them confused and may have man-tantrums whereby women administer motherly embrace and reassurance that they are a great provider team member able to make their goals without them knowing, but persuading them it is their own making and not the women standing behind them as coach. Men often feel failure with financial setbacks; they tend to obsess about money linked to their tribal DNA instinctive structure as provider predator heterosexual men far more than women

Men hate to ask for information and or for help giving sign to an internal flaw,  because it shows their lacking introspective internal mechanical design. This unchangeable condition points to their genetic DNA mutation that signals failure from the womb from whence without a women coaching them silently from behind closed doors whereby their failure is unavoidable. [https://userpages.umbc.edu/~korenman/wmst/fetus.html]


Women value emotion, feelings, the values of a child’s spiritual essence, the child’s heart, love and Women value socialized political communication, colors, beauty, empathy via of insight; of knowing and relationships.

A woman’s sense of self is defined through their feelings, lastly their achievements that ebb-and-flow like an infinite ocean and the quality of their relationships is a constant outreach to the very nature; much in likeness to the ” Ostara, the Spring Equinox” of birth. They spend much time supporting, nurturing and helping secretly the hunter gatherers giving them confidence in each other, in the hunting party and the nucleus of their own family circle. They experience fulfillment through sharing of emotions, verbalizing most everything imaginable and relating into the family cycle and the social cycle of friends; as the The Odorous in union with Mother Earth; rebirth.

Woman express themselves through personal expression, express themselves in clothes, express themselves in feelings, with nature oriented colors is very important whether they are full self aware of this or not. Communication is important; foundation of all civilizations is the Woman. To talking, encircling themselves in sharing and encircling themselves in associating all this nature as magical gifts is how a woman feels good about herself and the world in which her body, mind and soul exists. The sad part is men try to make woman disbelieve in this omnipresent female nature that is the core of all living and non-living things, but the real man supports this inherent nature assisting this presence to flower in a single circle nucleus be`it their union of marriage and family; be`it the circle of women tribal friends; be`it the hunters and or the tribal community. Humans have not changes just their definitions and translations of who and what they are in this world today.

For the natural unscathed woman by mans repression of woman’s connection to all these wonderful things he cares not for and thus a mutation in lacking.  Woman enjoy offering help and asking for help do to the fact of their heightened social intelligence is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength; it is a sign of caring in giving back to the circle of life in the family, friends, and community.

Women are very concerned about issues relating to physical attractiveness just as our mother earth is. Who is to deny the beauty of nature and the connection infinitely inward. No living creature can detach from Gaia, [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaia_(mythology)], Mother-Earth and thus in likeness man from woman. Changes in a woman’s natural rhythm which ebbs-and-flows as infinite to the heavens above. This can be as difficult for women embracing changes as seasons change in a man’s conflict being the lion king hunter provider.

Women are the center of spirit, political social nucleus of the family union, of the friends, family and the world. When men are preoccupied with work, are preoccupied play and or are preoccupied money, women inherently interpret it as rejection, because the a mutation of nature have broken the circle of this life-force once again. Hence, the woman attempts to repair and the male subject often displays man-tantrums with aggression, because he is afraid and inherently unknowing to him in fear for his very soul.

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