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Vallarta-Adventures – Vallarta Adventures Tours‎, Our trips are safe learning experiences designed for people who want to have fun exploring and enjoying all that nature has to offer. We have been creating UNPARALLELED adventures for over 20 years and we are here to provide you with an outstanding and safe experience that will create lifelong memories.

What would you like today? Whether you want heart-pumping thrill-rides, cultural immersion and the flavors of Mexico, or to dive into the ocean and explore? We have an adventure waiting for you!

An unforgettable experience begins with remarkable employees! We are staffed by free-spirited, young and adventurous people from a variety of backgrounds and countries. We are unified under one passion: to provide quality service throughout our complete range of tours. Our guides and specialists are enthusiastic to meet you and share their passion and knowledge.

Our focus of sharing the culture, wildlife, biodiversity, and natural beauty of Puerto Vallarta with visitors has attracted the attention of major media throughout the world. We are proud to have been featured on TV programs and channels that include E!


Entertaiment, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, ESPN, the BBC, Good Morning Arizona, TV Azteca, and Televisa, as well as in respected publications including The Rolling Stone, Hello Magazine, Architectural Digest, Outside Magazine, Travel Age West, TTG Leisure Travel News, Reforma Newspaper, the Los Angeles Times, and the New York Times.

Are you ready to discover the most awe-inspiring locations in Mexico? Check out our wide selection of safe, fun and informative adventures. Strap on your life jacket, seat-belt or safety cable and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

We guarantee an adventure that reflects our long standing commitment to real life-changing experiences and world-class service.

Vallarta Adventures has been Puerto Vallarta’s leading adventure travel company since 1993 in Mexico/Central America.

Yelapa & Majahuitas

We live for introducing like-minded adventurers to the natural beauty hidden away in the outer reaches of this region – a good many sights rarely seen by the human eye.

We guarantee an adventure that reflects our long standing commitment to real life-changing experiences and world-class service.

Yelapa & Majahuitas:

Yelapa and Majahuitas’ beach villages are an absolute must. With emerald waters and pristine golden sand beaches, these remote coves are ideal for snorkeling, swimming and kayaking, providing the perfect backdrop to explore Banderas Bay’s secret hideaways.

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Discover two of the most beautiful coves in the Bay of Banderas. Cruise with us past picturesque coastal scenery, where dolphin encounters are common occurrences, to an area accessible only by sea. The Majahuitas cove has the whitest sand beaches and crystal clear waters making it perfect for snorkeling and kayaking. Next, stroll through the charming fishing town of Yelapa and up to a cascading waterfall where you can jump in or sit back and enjoy the view. Whether you hike to the waterfalls, snorkel or bury your toes in the sand, you’ll be struck by the idyllic beauty of these tropical retreats.

Dolphin/Dolphins and Sea Lions Programs

Bring your dreams to life with a chance to swim with dolphins in Puerto Vallarta! Dolphin Adventures’ world-class dolphin and sea lion center is the best place to swim with dolphins, sea lions and rays. We provide the most educational and interactive programs available with an incredible crew of genuinely caring, friendly, and entertaining professionals who are passionate about nature and also experts in their areas. With over 400 years of combined experience, their top priority is the health and wellbeing of our animals as well as giving you the BEST day of your vacation. Come meet the lovable animals and the marine mammal experts who make Dolphin Adventure stand out!

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With over 400 years of combined experience, their top priority is the health and wellbeing of our animals as well as giving you the BEST day of your vacation. Come meet the lovable animals and the marine mammal experts who make Dolphin Adventure stand out!

Sea Lion/ Sea Lion Encounter/Programs:

Meet our intelligent and quirky family of sea lions!  Our Sea Lion Encounter program is the ideal way to get to know our fun, flippered friends up close and personal. Designed to be both educational and fun, this hands-on program begins with a short poolside introduction to the sea lions’ unique physiology, feeding habits and behaviors. Then, accompanied by one of our professional marine mammal trainers, you’ll get nose-to-nose with our sea lions in our specially designed pool.

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A Sea Lion Discovery for the Whole Family!  These effortlessly nimble and adorable sea lions will tell you exactly what’s on their minds. Their barks, honks and trumpets will have everyone giggling.

We limit group sizes so you can make the most of this unforgettable opportunity to interact with the ocean’s most flirtatious mammals.

Rhythms of the Night:

As night falls, Las Caletas is transformed into a magical paradise, the ultimate backdrop for our exclusive event, Rhythms of the Night – an amazing voyage that will transport you to a spiritual land that time forgot.

New Show: The Legend of the 5th Sun

Legend has it there were four civilizations of humanity prior to ours. Each period saw the evolution of the human race as well as its demise. These previous worlds were destroyed by tornadoes, fires and floods, yet rituals and sacrifices have kept the human spirit alive. From the bones and ashes of the ancients come a celebration of the new Sun and hope for a better world.

Powerful images, original music, dance and acrobatic performances surround you in this magical environment. Let your imagination soar with Savia: The Legend of the 5 Suns.

Marietas Eco Discovery:

The Bay of Banderas is one of the few places in the world that is a natural sanctuary for a profusion of nature and sea life. During the winter months, it is common to see humpback whales in the bay since this is a centuries-old breeding ground and respite following their annual migrations. Dolphin encounters are a regular year-round occurrence. You may see them in large groups leaping out of the water or in pairs, riding along the bow of boats in the bay.

Las Caletas Beach Hideaway

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Our top-of-the-line catamarans carry you comfortably out to the magnificent Marietas Islands, whose surrounding waters offer an ideal eco-system for a prolific array of sea life. Explore the rocky caverns and archways by kayak, snorkel or by scuba diving. Watch for the giant manta rays, sea turtles, and abundant, multi-colored fish. Our professional guides are always on hand to help, advise and to ensure, above all, that you have fun. This tour offers sun, fun, and the chance to discover all of the wonders of nature that our bay has to offer.


Las Caletas Beach Hideaway: Las Caletas is a sun, fun and adventure-filled beach hideaway.  Relax on the shores of our exclusive, private beach hideaway nestled in the Sierra Madre Mountain range. Las Caletas is one of the top four secluded beaches in the world — accessible only by boat. Once on shore, hike through the tropical forest where a diverse range of activities and adventures await. Choose between pure relaxation (easy to do in shaded hammocks strung between towering palms) or thrilling exploration! The day is yours to create — you provide the sense of adventure and we’ll provide everything else!


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Las Caletas is, pure and simple, a paradise hideaway and Mexico’s own Garden of Eden. The natural beauty of Las Caletas was originally discovered by the famous film director John Huston, who made this his private home for many years. Accessible only by sea, Las Caletas is surrounded by a steep, jungle-clad mountain backdrop, making it a truly secluded tropical sanctuary.

Outdoor Zip Line Adventure:

Zip Line and Rappel Beside Waterfalls,  Rappel beside crashing waterfalls, hike through the jungle and ride a series of 9 zip lines through the rainforest for unparalleled adventure!

4×4 UTV Off Road Fun, Let the thrills begin as you speed across the bay on a comfortable inflatable boat and then take a 4×4 Unimog into the heart of the Sierra Madre. Mount a mule for a slow and steady trek up the mountainside to your first 1000-foot zip line — 200 feet high over the treetops.

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Feel the Adrenaline Rush

Prepare yourself for a breathtaking rush of adrenaline as you fly through a thrilling series of zip-lines, rappel down waterfalls, traverse jungle bridges and finally splash through streams and natural river pools on our specially designed Outdoor Adventure.

Hillside Waterslides

Zip line deep into the rainforest and under the canopy along unique lines that give you the best view of the untouched flora and fauna. Rappel down steep rock faces and off of suspended platforms into cool, natural pools. Cross commando bridges, hike narrow trails, wade through freshwater and much, much more! Finally, splashdown from the highest waterslide drop in Mexico for a refreshing end to your journey. You don’t want to miss sliding down Vallarta’s most exciting waterslides – it is like a water park in the jungle. This is an outdoor adventure you won’t ever forget!

Safest Zip Lines in Puerto Vallarta

Your safety is our primary focus – we are proud to offer double-security wire zip lines on our Outdoor Adventure and we comply with international ACCT Standards.

Scuba Diving: The warm, crystal-clear waters of Banderas Bay and the Mexican Pacific are home to a vast array of sea life making Puerto Vallarta one of Mexico’s top diving destinations. Our professional diving instructors combine their expertise with the utmost personal attention in scuba lessons for every level of PADI Certification.

Puerto Vallarta is one of Mexico’s top scuba diving destinations, and Vallarta Adventures offers certified divers the chance to explore some of the most popular dive sites in Banderas Bay and experience some of the most exhilarating scuba diving on Mexico’s pacific coast. From easy-to-get-to sites close to Vallarta to more adventurous locations farther offshore, scuba diving in Puerto Vallarta offer divers of all levels diverse locations and conditions and a perfect diving experience. Join us for a dive during your stay in Vallarta.

Scuba Diving

The Cost$ of PADI 5-Star Dive Center in Puerto Vallarta

Vallarta Adventures is proud to be a PADI 5-Star Dive Center in Puerto Vallarta. PADI 5-Star Dive Centers are progressive PADI Dive Shops that excel in providing scuba divers with a full range of scuba certification programs, scuba gear selection, and scuba experience opportunities. These shops must meet elevated service and business standards and actively promote underwater environmental awareness and embrace the PADI System of diver education, with a commitment to providing quality training, products, services and experiences.

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