Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Desire for Name and Fame

Desire for Name and Fame

One can renounce wife, son, property and all else, but it is very difficult and rare to renounce name and fame. Pratishta is established name and fame. This is a great obstacle in God-Realization. This brings downfall in the end. This does not allow the aspirant to march forward in the spiritual path. He becomes a slave of respect and honour. As soon as he gets some purity and ethical progress, ignorant people rock to him and begin to pay homage and salutation. He gets puffed up with pride.

He thinks he is a great Mahatma. He becomes eventually a slave of his admirers. He cannot notice his slow downfall. The moment he mixes up freely with householders. He loses what little he had gained during the eight or ten years of his intense Sadhana. He cannot influence the public now. His admirers also leave him because they do not find any real solace or spiritual influence in his company.

People imagine that the Mahatma has got Siddhis and that they can get children through his grace, plenty of wealth and Himalayan herbs for the rooting out of diseases and the building up of radiant and healthy bodies. They always approach a Sadhu with some selfish, ulterior motive or other. The aspirant through bad association loses his Vairagya and Viveka. Attachment and desire crop up in his mind. Therefore you should hide yourself always. Nobody should know what sort of Sadhana you are doing. You should never attempt to exhibit your psychic powers of Siddhis. You should be very humble. You should pass for quite an ordinary man. You should not accept rich presents from householders. You will be affected by the bad thoughts of those who offer presents. You should never think that you are superior to this man or that man. You should not treat others with contempt. You should always treat others with great respect and profound consideration. Then only respect will come by itself. You should treat respect, honour, name and fame as dung and poison and wear disrespect and dishonour as gold necklace. Then only you will reach the goal in safety.

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