Friday, March 3, 2006

Marvelous Time

Marvelous Time:
This is a marvelous time in your life. The beginning of your quest will demonstrate to you how much goodness abides in the world, and how many millions of kind and dedicated people there are. You will begin to find that you feel at home in the presence of devotees of different paths. You'll have more optimism for the future of the world because these fine people are forces for good, are excellent examples of what human life can be. You'll admire them and how they maintain their values and goals while performing their various callings in the world. Carpenters, housewives, executives, students — they occupy most every profession with love and a sweet, kindly distinction. They are generally very good in their particular professions, too, because they're able to bring so much of their higher consciousness into their daily work. Also, their family lives reflect profound idealism.

You will also meet people who are on the spiritual path by default. They're not endeavoring to grow or contribute anything to their paths, nor are they planning to put aside their fantasies and actually experience the higher consciousness. They're on the path to higher consciousness because they find tolerance and acceptance. They find forgiveness and a sense of worth. They often find financial and other help as well. They have temporarily escaped from their responsibilities and from their problems. Love them. Your love is powerful and helps people change.

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