Monday, March 20, 2006

Mental Clairity

Mental Clarity is an advanced formula which contains Bacopa, Ashwaganda and Gotu Kola and enhances the minds' ability to focus, concentrate and increase the attention span. It also dramatically improves memory. It is wonderful both for the student, professional and for seniors. Taking Mental Clarity can help you gain a greater sense of well being during period of restlessness, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, cloudiness of thought, and an overactive mind. Medical research points to accumulation of free radical damage as a biochemical basis for part of the mental deterioration associated with aging. The herbs found in the potent formula help to counteract this damage by supplying the brain with a number of compounds that have been identified in Bacopa, specifically the antioxidants: terpenoids and bacosides. Clinical studies show that an alcohol extract of Bacopa was shown to neutralize free radicals in brain tissue. Compounds in Bacopa bind to brain cell receptors to provide antioxidant protection. The alcohol fraction worked in a manner similar to that of vitamin E, while a hexane extract of Bacopa appeared devoid of the antioxidant activity. Recent studies also show that significant numbers of children and adults diagnosed with ADHD of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). may benefit by taking Bacopa. The study data revealed significant improvement on sentence repetition, logical memory and paired associate learning following 12 weeks of administration of the Bacopa preparation. This improvement was maintained in the 16th week evaluation, 4 weeks after the withdrawal of the drug. There were no reported adverse side effects and drug tolerability was excellent. The authors of this study concluded that treatment with the Bacopa monniera preparation is safe and beneficial for children with ADHD. The synergistic combination with Ashwanganda and Gotu Kola makes this formula very beneficial for a wide variety of people suffering with these disorders.

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