Friday, March 3, 2006

My Inner Enthusiasm

My Inner Enthusiasm:
When you start to sense the higher consciousness and the vast potentiality available to you — furthermore, when you sense you can definitely experience and know the higher consciousness for yourself — you get a tremendous rush of enthusiasm and a feeling of gratitude for life. Life becomes more like a dance. Beauty, unseen before, now reaches out to your appreciative eyes most everywhere you go. The heart and mind glow with eagerness. Aspiration comes easily and dwells for long periods. Inspiring experiences abound.

One day, as a beginner on the path, you will see your first aura, the electromagnetic field of energy surrounding some particularly fine person. At other times your dreams may seem extraordinarily fascinating and profoundly symbolic. Your vitality level seems to double. Well being comes easily.

"Now your heart pounds with respect in the presence of those true teachers who seem to know everything! There's always something new to talk about, something engrossing to think about, some new state of love or concern to dwell in your heart. You feel you're coming up out of the grave, coming into life. You sense a rebirth will definitely occur. Who knows when? Perhaps today. You find it ever so tempting to get gushy and romantic, or to laugh too long and happily at an inane joke. At times you feel a strong desire to close your mouth and savor the sweetness which seems to radiate from roses within.

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