Friday, March 3, 2006

Principle of Transformation

Principle of Transformation:
Whatever your area of focus, when you are speaking of success, and especially when you are seeking to know your higher consciousness, you are striving to transform old physical habits into new physical habits; old movements of the life force into a new movement of life force; old emotional tendencies into new ones; and old mental tendencies into new ones. People who ignore this important principle of transformation do not succeed. They certainly never find their higher consciousness. Each person who finds higher consciousness capitalizes on his or her good tendencies. Each aspirant patiently, perhaps even relentlessly, day by day, through attention and repetition, gathers mind and heart together and establishes undeniable, powerful, and exhilarating successful tendencies.

When all your tendencies are constructive, an ongoing sense of well being and a freedom from inner conflict occurs. You feel more a master of your life and less the victim of circumstance. You have established yourself as a likely candidate for higher consciousness. You become capable of maintaining the rights and privileges which are bestowed on one who knows the higher consciousness. With the right tendencies you succeed; without them you fail.
Hopefully this entire website will be of great help to you in choosing and creating those tendencies which will greatly reward you.

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