Friday, March 3, 2006

Symptom; Depressive symptoms Depressive symptoms

Symptom; Depressive symptoms Depressive symptoms: Inappropriate depressed mood. Introduction: Although depressive symptoms can obviously be caused by depressive disorders such as depression, there are many other possible reasons that may lead to feelings of being down, sad or "depressed". Just because you feel "depressed", doesn't mean you have the medical condition of depression. Normal emotional reactions to grief, relationship problems, stress, and other non-disease issues may be the cause of negative feelings. Sometimes you can be down because of the effects of other symptoms like fatigue, tiredness, sleepiness, rather than actually any depressive symptoms, and you need to research these other symptoms as the real issue. Various physical (non-mental) conditions can cause depressive-like symptoms, or alternatively cause some of the other related symptoms (e.g. fatigue, tiredness). And the difficulty of coping with any type of chronic illness can bring you down. On the other hand, true depression and other depressive disorders are serious mental illnesses, and need to be considered seriously. Seek prompt professional medical or psychological advice for any depressive symptoms.

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