Friday, March 3, 2006

Tramp Seekers

Tramp Seekers
"Tramp seekers" often know more techniques and are personally familiar with more important people than you know, but tramps are very dangerous to follow. If you give these unfortunate people much of your time and attention, they will likely confuse you. They make it difficult for you to choose your particular way and succeed. These tramps often want to pull you away to another teacher, to another school of thought. They continually create a conflict of choice within your mind. To follow them is to become a tramp at an early stage. You will be doing something else next year, feeling that having higher consciousness is not that important. Perhaps next year you will feel it doesn't even exist. Or worse, you may advocate from within the large tramp chorus that your fantasies are "true reality," and imagination is higher consciousness!
However, with this precaution — "beware of tramps" — clearly in your mind, the time has come for you to actively search for the best means of realizing your higher consciousness. Hardly ever can you achieve it by sitting in your room reading books or meditating in an untutored way. Even these lessons can at best be only a guide, only a friendly help, along the stages of your quest. Hopefully, this website will enable you to find the means — the right teacher, the right form of study, the right form of discipline — such that you can make rapid progress and fulfill your earnest desire to know your higher consciousness.

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