Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Note of Warning

A Note of Warning

Many aspirants come to me with great Vairagya and enthusiasm in the beginning. But they do not keep up the same spirit for a long time or till the end of their Sadhana. When they begin to encounter some difficulties, they retrace their steps. It is indeed a great pity. Look before you leap. Have a firm determination. Stick to the path of Sannyasa till you reach the goal and realize the fruits of Sadhana.

If you lack any of these qualifications, wait for three more years. Do spiritual Sadhana, Asanas, Pranayama, concentration and meditation at home. Plunge deep into silent meditation. Plunge your-self in selfless service also. This is very necessary for purification of mind. Keep up your Brahmacharya. Destroy all evil habits, if you have any of these, such as smoking, tea, coffee, etc. Develop all virtuous qualities. Mark the change in your mental attitude. Then come to me. Come here and be prepared to lead a hard, active life.

Some aspirants come in a hurry. Due to lack of Vairagya they go back. This is not good. Hence the warning.

Many aspirants want to do some nice work such as writing, collection of flowers for Puja, arranging books in the library, some kind of supervision and management. They dislike works such as drawing of water, cleansing utensils, washing clothes of sick persons, sweeping, nursing, cooking, cleansing bedpans, etc. They consider these works as menial. They have not understood the real spirit of Nishkamya Karma Yoga. They are yet Babus.

Dear Prabhu! There is a dull spiritual awakening in you and a dull type of Vairagya. You will have to develop both. Dull Vairagya are mere bubbling, emotions will not help you much to stick to the path of renunciation. For some time leave the house and remain in a secluded place for a week or two. Enquire. Cogitate. Investigate. Do self-analysis and find out if you have any Moha, attachment to your family members. Find out if your mind runs after sensual pleasures. Be sure whether you will be able to leave the sensual objects, relatives and all sorts of comforts and conveniences. If you can completely disconnect yourself from the world, then alone come to me. I will make you a yogi of Yogis in a very short time. There are many who have advanced in the spiritual path considerably in course of one or two years. You can also do that. Implicit obedience and faithful carrying out of instructions of the spiritual preceptor to the very letter is what is expected of you; that is the secret of success in the spiritual path.

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