Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Miseries Of Mundane Existence

Miseries Of Mundane Existence

Ignorance is the Cause of Misery

You are but repeating the same action of yesterday yielding but momentary pleasure and enjoyed things do recur again. Things seen yesterday are again present today. Ornaments worn with exultation yesterday are, again, donned by you. And yet, even intelligent persons do not get disgusted with them and are not ashamed of enjoying them again and again.

Like ignorant children that do taste again and again sweetmeats which impart sweetness for the time being, you are also afflicted, ignorant of the true path. Days, nights, weeks, fortnights, months, years and Yugas do cycle again and again, and nothing new crops up. Wealth which only makes a host of thoughts whirl in the brain will not confer Bliss on you. This wealth which the mind so much covets and which is so very ephemeral in its nature is utterly worthless like a flower-bud in a creeper growing in a well encircled by a serpent.

Nobody Comes and Goes

The Prana! Life which is like a drop of rain water dripping from the end of a leaf turned overhead flits out of the body at unseasonable times. This life is ephemeral like the autumnal clouds or a gheeless lamp or ocean waves. Life and death are but two acts in the drama. Really nobody comes and goes.

The lives of those who have freed themselves from rebirth are the noblest. There is nothing so baneful as the life which is perishable in its nature and fleeting in the bestowal of pleasure.

Fire of Desires

The fire of desires has scalded you quite. In the present state even a full bath in a pool of ambrosia will not cool you down. It is these ever-waxing desires that bring on pains of rebirths, the heaviest and the most excruciating of all pains. This body which is composed of muscles, intestines, urine and fecal matter and is subject to various changes, being at one time fat and at another time lean, shines in this mundane existence simply to undergo pains. What beauty is then to be enjoyed in this body which is composed of flesh, bone and blood, which has the tendency to rot, which is of the same nature in the rich and in the poor, and which is subject to growth and decay?

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