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Raga and Dvesha

Raga and Dvesha

The two currents of the mind viz., Raga and Dvesha (attraction and repulsion) really constitute world or Samsara. The mind gets intensely attached to pleasant objects through attraction because it derives pleasure. Wherever there is sensation of pleasure, the mind gets glued, as it were, to the object that gives pleasure. This is what is called attachment. This only brings bondage and pain. When either object is withdrawn or perishes, the mind gets unspeakable pain. Attraction is the root cause of human sufferings. The mind runs from those objects which give pain. Hatred arises in the mind. For instance, nobody likes a cobra, a tiger or even a scorpion. Attraction and pleasure, repulsion and pain coexist. A worldly man is a slave of these two mighty and devastating currents. He is tossed about hither and thither like a piece of straw. He smiles when he gets pleasures, he weeps when he gets pain. He clings to pleasant objects, he runs away from objects that cause pain.

The desire for sensual enjoyment is deep rooted or ingrained in the minds of all. The Rajasic mind is so framed that it cannot remain even for a single moment without thoughts of enjoyment of some kind or another. People invent various sorts of subtle enjoyments. Modern science has made marvellous contribution towards bringing forth refined ways of enjoyment. Modern civilisation is only another name for sensual enjoyment. Hotels, cinemas, aeroplanes, radios intensify sensual enjoyments. Man invents new dishes, new syrups, new drinks, to satisfy his palate. Fashion in dress is making vast strides year by year. So is the case with hair-dressing. Even the man treading the path of Truth wishes to find out lasting and intense sensual enjoyment by means of his Yogic practices. He wants to move about in celestial cars. He wants to taste the nectar of immortality underneath the Kalpa-Vriksha side by side with Indra and other Gods. He wants to hear celestial nymphs and Gandharvas singing and dancing. These are all subtle temptations. The sincere aspirant will resolutely turn his back to all these sorts of refined, subtle, intense enjoyment herein and hereafter. He will treat them all as vomited matter, as offal or as the urine of a donkey or as poison.

This world is full of difficulties and troubles. No one save a Yogi or a Bhakta or a Jnani is free from these worldly miseries and anxieties. Go wherever you like. It is all the same.

Kamala and Krishna had no children. They were building castles in the air one night, when they were sleeping on a raised bedstead. Kamala asked Krishna : "How will you manage for the sleeping place of our son, if I get a child?" Krishna replied: "I will make room in this very wooden cot itself." So saying he moved some inches away from his wife. She again asked: "What will you do, if I beget a second son?" Krishna answered: "I will again make room in this very cot itself." So saying he actually moved a few inches further to the edge of the cot. Kamala again asked: "My dear husband, what will you do if I beget a third son?" The husband said : "I will give him room in this very cot." While moving to the extreme end of cot, he tumbled down and fractured his left leg. Krishna's neighbour came and asked him : "What is the matter with your legs?" Krishna said: "I broke my leg on account of my false sons." Such is the case with the people of the world also. They suffer on account of Mithya Abhimana (false egoism) and Mithya Sambandha (false relationship).

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