Friday, March 3, 2006

The Sincerely Confused

The Sincerely Confused:
So it is that the freeway, which was once traveled mainly by those seeking fuller awareness of their potential, is today newly populated by the sincerely confused. If you are one who seeks fuller awareness of your potential, the newly arrived "sincerely confused" travelers will look at you and wonder what you are doing on the road. They will question your motives, and you, if you are one of the comfortable, unagonized seekers of higher consciousness, may feel: a) superior to these neurotic people, or b) inferior and not worthy to be traveling with them. While you, after all, are planning simply to apply some effort toward a number of specific benefits, these new travelers seem ready to give their all — everything. But at times they act as if the benefits you hope for are merely self-gratifying items on an egoic shopping trip.
The new entrants on the freeway, the sincerely confused, should be appreciated and accepted as fellow human beings. One day you may become similarly motivated, if you're not already. You may, at some stage on your pleasant journey, suddenly convulse in the realization that you are not the person you yearn to be. You may sense there are much more important issues in your life than you have been willing to face before. A sudden, intense dissatisfaction with your character flaws may grip you and not let go. On the other hand, if you, by some special grace, are somehow enabled to value and appreciate the goodness and beauty which underlies life, you may never have to know the agony of yearning. You may not need the power of its motivation. You may do extremely well without yearning because of your eagerness to grow, coupled with your honesty and a sense of good will for all, whatever their nature.

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