Friday, March 3, 2006


Whether you're an eager traveler seeking the benefits of higher consciousness, or a driven traveler desperate for satisfaction and meaning, you're traveling in the same direction. You're sharing the same freeway and most of the events along the way. While this road to higher consciousness is the road of highest joy, and while a sense of well being and greater wisdom develops quite regularly, you should be warned that there will likely be times of despair. When you travel this road, loved ones and business acquaintances may wonder why. The goal seems so shining and clear to you, yet others who know you cannot sense or perceive your goal at all. They may feel, and express themselves quite emotionally, that you're wasting your time or your resources. They may say you're wasting your time becoming a nothing when you could become someone great. "Superstition, abstraction, unreality," they say. Friends may accuse you of striving to escape from the facts of life, or from the fun of life if your choices for growth are in conflict with their ways of celebrating life. If they can't see what you're doing and in no way comprehend what you're striving to do, and if they think the deprecatory words they're saying are for your good, you will have to incorporate your despair and their lack of understanding into your quest. Let the obstructions of their unkindness become motivating forces which compel you to succeed. Your compassion and love, along with the strength that you must develop, will be extremely valuable as you enter higher consciousness. If you will be kind, or strong, or strive as best you can to love and serve those who oppose you, you will become successful. Those who are against you today may one day consider you great. They may deem it an honor to have known you way back when you glimpsed the reality of a higher.

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