Friday, March 3, 2006

A Traveler

A Traveler:
In your eagerness to grow, along with your freedom from "the yearning disease," you will be a bright light, a cheery face, and a harmonious influence in the lives of the dissatisfied. As they move forward, confused about their goals, accepting new possibilities only to reject them, and then sometimes rushing back to seek once again the rejected goal, you will be, in your steadiness, a fine inspiration.

If you find yourself on this freeway toward higher consciousness and you recognize you are a traveler due to your yearning, dissatisfaction, confusion, or perplexity — welcome! Many have come this way before you and have succeeded. If you yearn to know what's worth doing, your question is not regarded as nihilistic by your fellow travelers. Come along. In the meantime, don't stop taking an active part in life, whether or not it makes sense to you. Do! Be about. Be active and perform the work that comes most easily to your hand. Retain your ability to do. Retain your skill in action. Your present abilities will become very, very useful when you find your higher consciousness.

If you view the world and your peers as being very confused, surely you can feel deep compassion for them. Surely you would not condemn them but lend a helping hand, would you not? There is always something you can do. Even if it seems insignificant to your state of mind, there are many ways you can contribute something.

"Do you feel you are confused about yourself, that you do not even know who you are? Great philosophers had the same problem — Mahatma Gandhi and Benjamin Franklin, for example. Gandhi studied his life and himself with painstaking honesty for years and years. Franklin, the genius who helped draft the Declaration of Independence, was mainly self-taught. On his own he worked through mathematics manuals, scientific journals, foreign languages, and daily exercises in character development. From youth through advanced old age, Franklin's life was a quest for Truth. What made Gandhi, Franklin, and dozens of others great was they did everything they could to resolve their yearnings and satisfy their questions.

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