Friday, March 3, 2006

My Path

My Path:
If you 1) prepare yourself and 2) are wary of tramps, you are now ready to ask the basic question: "What is the best way or path for my discovery of higher consciousness?"
At this stage in your life a lavish banquet is spread before you. Numerous ways to higher consciousness look delightfully appealing. But you must sample the various offerings with a view to selecting one soon. If you go about the early days of your sublime banqueting with an attitude that you are truly seeking to find the best means for your discovery of the higher consciousness, you will be guided safely through an amazing array of possibilities. You will find some possibilities are genuine and profound but they don't suit your nature; you will also find other possibilities are definitely wacky and not worth much of your time.

Also keep in mind that you are daily seeking to become more conscious. You will find it a safe rule of thumb that during this sampling and tasting phase of your exciting new life you can easily determine whether a particular path or school of thought or teacher is good for you if you truly become a more conscious, better person as a consequence of your contact.
"You will likely find a number of fake teachers who want to convince you to follow them. Usually they treat you in a manner that satisfies or exalts your ego — your desire to be important. Fake teachers often feel that if they convince you how great you are, you will then — feeling great and important — be willing to do whatever they say or imply. Flattery on this path, as in any other area, is poison. There is a distinct difference between flattery and praise. Flattery will tend to puff up your ego; praise will make you humble and appreciative. Beware of flatterers — especially on the quest of higher consciousness which has so much latitude for fluffy nothings.
A great deal of emperor's clothing is being sold by the yard in little booths alongside the various paths today. But don't be discouraged — be forewarned. Be aware of your joy; resonate with the thrill of your aspirations. Just don't be a naive, unconscious person. Don't be childish at a time like this. You are seeking the greater values of life. The places you look, the people you meet, should reflect your higher values.

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